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Abandoned Engineering, 2016/17 Series 1 and 2. Production company: Like a Shot.  Broadcast: Yesterday.

Private Lives of the Tudors, 2016. Production company: Like a Shot.  Broadcast: Yesterday, Smithsonian.

Blood Horns, 2017.  ABC News and ESPN.

We the People by Mark Bradford installation, 2017.  Production company: Subject Matter.  Broadcast: US Dept. of State.

UFC 205 Interview + B roll Conor McGregor at SBG Gym, Dublin, 2016.  Production company:  Zuffa.  Broadcast: UFC.

British Gangsters: Faces of the Underworld, 2012.  Production company: Revelation Films.  Broadcast: Netflix.

Everest Beyond the Limit, 2007/9, series 2 and 3. Production company: Tigress.  Broadcast: Discovery Channel.

Drone showreel.